Our Story

Qbiz is a brand-new name of e-commerce logistics. Teamed up with professional companies known as market leaders in both e-commerce and logistics business, Qbiz will guide our customers through the whole process making it simple with knowledge earned from our experiences of 55 years in total.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Korean business affordable and cost effective solutions in fulfilling their orders, warehouse management, inventory control and returns management which assist to market their product globally and successfully.

Meet Our Team




ePostg.com is a USPS global direct entry solution specializing in light weight small packages. ePostg.com has been approved by amazon.com and wish.com as a global e-commerce logistics solution to US and renowned  for the reliable service.






Since 2003, CGETC in LA has built successful business in marketing best selling items through major online sales channels including Amazon, ebay and Walmart. and maintained a higher level of professional warehouse and office management.

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Based on 19 years experience in e-commerce business and understanding of cultural and historical differences in each market, KOEXPO in NJ has been helping companies in Korea find a niche market to sell a broad range of quality products.


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